The economy serving the people

Through the circuit you can promote your initiatives in innovative ways, with the support of and in cooperation with businesses alert to the impact of social, environmental and human aspects of economic and social life. Working in the circuit can thus be a step towards businesses and economic activities of the territory that today more than ever, will allow you to gather more resources with important impacts on the territory and the communities in which you operate.



Innovative, ethical, sustainable

By participating in the circuit you can contribute to the promotion and dissemination of a new economic paradigm, based on reciprocity and cooperation that can affect how much and where it is needed most.

New forms of collaboration with the company in support of the communities and territory

A liquidity shortage has provoked in recent years a dramatic decline in social and cultural initiatives in the territory. Participating in the Circuit has been for many third sector realities, as well as many cultural and sports associations, synonymous with openness and willingness to change, and has brought them new resources and relationships to strengthen the social impact of individual initiatives.