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Communities that create value. Together.

Beyond money

We are part of Sardex because we believe that cooperation is an absolutely necessary basis for healthy competition. For we believe in the market as a place of social interaction in which our needs and our capacity of producing value meet, generating lasting and shared prosperity. represents for each of us a common goal and vision: the commitment of thousands of individuals to being part of a community in which relationships and mutual trust are the true capitals upon which to build tomorrow’s economy.

An additional market, an extra opportunity

Since 2010 we work together to transform the untapped productive potential of thousands of firms and professionals based in the island into actual wealth. Goods and services worth dozens of millions of euros which wouldn’t fit into the traditional market have been sold and purchased in, turning losses into profit and lost earnings into savings and into a better quality of life.

Sardex Credits traded
worth of transactions in 2015
carried out within the circuit

Join us

Collaborate with thousands of companies and professionals all over the island, create new human and business relationships and become a source of change for yourself, your company and your economy. Discover how advantageous it is to participate in the most innovative and dynamic network of businesses in Sardinia.


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